AutoBella Foam Lance (Bosch)



Brand New Designed Light Weight Aluminium Snow Foam Lance. Piuma is an improved and re designed device for the controlled emission of a disinfectant and sanitizing foam. Compared with the previous model, the traditional detergent ow rate adjuster has been replaced by a new patented version to control the foam density, according to the individual user’s needs. You can choose three different possible adjustments to obtain three different foam concentrations. With a wide open regulator if you want to increase the foam density, with a completely closed regulator if you want a less aggressive washes. Specifications Detergent dispenser made of shock-resistant POM, AISI 304 Stainless Steel “duck-bill” foam diffuser, fan spray from 0° to 40° 1L polyamide tank, with non-deformable increased thread, External regulator to adjust foam density.