AutoDetailing Supplies Quick Detail (500ml)


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Product Function

‘Quick Detail’ (containing Carnauba wax) safely cleans paintwork between washes, inhibits the UV degradation of waxes and sealers last applied, protects from hologram scratching, and beautifies paintwork by imparting a high shine. Water-based and safe for all automotive paint finishes, it can be used with clay bars to apply a high shine and lubrication in one and to prevent water-spotting when drying.

How to Use

Use neat for maximum gloss, protection and cleaning. Otherwise, dilute 1:1 with water. Spray ‘Quick Detail’ onto the paintwork surface, and gently wipe across using a micro-fibre cloth. Buff to a high shine using a second micro-fibre cloth – no curing time required. To use as a drying aid or clay lube/gloss enhancer, wet surface then follow the steps above. Quick Detail is supplied with a trigger.