Koch Chemie 1K-Nano Trade Only Paint Sealant Kit


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1K-Nano is a service from qualified specialists.
As the 1K-Nano paint sealant needs preparatory work that requires application-specific know-how and professional machines, the product is not on offer in the retail trade.

Throughout Germany Koch-Chemie nano paint sealing has already been applied to over 30,000 cars by commercial vehicle finishers; with a 99% recommendation rate!

Koch-Chemie 1K Nano

Mode of action.

Untreated paint does not have a smooth surface. Thus diffuse light reflections come into existence. [A] Water does not roll off easily and dirt is able to cling more. To begin with the deep scratches and unevenness are treated with Feinschleifpaste. During the polishing procedure, the abrasive agglomerate (abrading medium) disintegrates to 0.6 μm and removes coarse scratches. [B] The stress marks are also removed from [B] by the Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur. During the polishing procedure, the abrasive agglomerate (abrading medium) disintegrates to below 0.2 μm. Stress marks under 0.4 μm are no longer perceptible to the human eye. The surface is now perfectly smooth and free from scratches. [C] The light is reflected ideally and evenly due to the homogeneous and smooth surface. The extremely glossy paint surface thus comes into existence. However, the paint is still unprotected. The 1K-Nano sealing builds up an extremely smooth and shiny protective layer on the paint due to the minimal thickness of 5–8 nanometers (1 Nanometer = 0.000,001 mm). Water simply rolls off (lotus effect), dirt is easier to remove (easy-to-clean surface) and the paint is protected by the sealing. [D]

Conventional waxes and polishes are only placed on the paint surface and are removed again quickly by washing the vehicle and environmental influence (differences in temperature, rainfall, sun, dust particles and wind). Highly reactive means that the 1K-Nano paint sealant conjoins permanently with the paint structure on account of covalent bondings and forms a fixed network. It is thus extremely resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical abrasion. In this way your vehicle is protected for a long period of time, is easy to clean and shines as it did on the first day.

Koch-Chemie 1K Nano